I was initially introduced to photography by my Dad who is a keen landscape, wildlife and flora photographer in his own right.  Our family holidays were always to scenic areas of Australia providing me with a great appreciation of the natural world.

My passion for landscape photography however really developed on my first overseas holiday with my wife and since then it has taken me to many wonderful places and encouraged me to visit those locations at the best times – usually “the magic hours” of sunrise and sunset.  

I look forward to continue traveling to beautiful scenic areas around Australia and the rest of the world and to capturing more of the stunning scenery that surrounds us all.

You may like to have a look at the equipment i use?
 - My Gear

I spent 10 years shooting on film however from September 2015 I now mainly shoot with a Pentax 645Z Digital camera and I am loving it!


Do I use Photoshop?

Of course I do!!!

Every successful photographer uses Photoshop to varying degrees.  The extent of the use of Photoshop by a photographer depends on her or his own photographic vision.

My own photographic vision is to showcase natural environments in beautiful light at the moment of capture.  This is why I generally photograph around the magic hour - the hour around sunrise and sunset - where the light is at is best and, where the cloud cover is right, it can create a kaleidoscope of colour in the final image.

My main use of Photoshop is to ensure that the final image represents the beauty of the moment and also to showcase my vision for that moment.  

I do not however add any elements to the image.  All images are single shots.  I do not for example take a spectacular sunset from one image and transpose it on another image to create something that wasn't there in the first place.  I do not add textures or any other similar layers to my images.  That is not to say that I do not appreciate photographers using these techniques.  To the contrary.  I am amazed at, and truly love, the fantastic images that are being crafted by a large range of photographers, regardless as to how these images were created.  Some of my favourite photographers create all sorts of masterpieces using various techniques that form part of their own photographic vision. It is that "vision" that I greatly respect.