My Camera 

All of the images on this site have been crafted using a Pentax Medium Format 645Nii camera and Fuji Velvia film.  I still use this camera today as the large medium format image size and vibrant colours produced by Velvia result in stunningly detailed and vibrant prints, even at larger sizes.  Velvia is well known for its beautifully saturated colors and exceptional sharpness.

This is not to say that I am anti-digital.  There is of course a lot of fantastic work being produced on a range of digital cameras and it is inevitable that I will one day make the transition to a medium format digital camera however for now I continue to enjoy the process and quality offered by the Pentax 645Nii.  

My Equipment

I presently use Manfrotto tripods and Lowepro camera backpacks

I use the high quality LEE Filter System, Most of my images have been created utilising at least one graduated neutral density filter in strengths ranging from 1 to 3 stops.  These filters balance the difference in exposure between the brighter sky and rest of the scene, being particularly useful during sunrise/sunset, without leaving any colour cast on the image.

I also use a polarizer (although a lot more sparingly than when I first started photography).  This filter is particularly important to remove glare created by reflecting surfaces such as water and rainforest interiors.

The final filter type that I sometimes use is warming filters.  These filters restore the colour balance and remove the blue cast that can sometimes result in forest scenes.  Warming filters can also add punch to the colours created during the “magic hour”.